Why Tripcover is Cheaper Than Allianz



I am thinking about purchasing a rental vehicle excess insurance and have a question regarding the quotes on your website.

I see that the insurance you provide is from Allianz. I have asked Allianz for a quote and their premium is higher than yours for a 16 day rental:

$4000 AUD excess with Allianz costs $281 AUD and with you $135 AUD

$6000 AUD excess with Allianz costs $383 AUD and with you $295 AUD

Can you please help me understand why is there such a difference? Is the cover the same regardless of getting it through you or through the Allianz website?

Thank you.


Exact same policy Josey, only you are paying a premium with Allianz and Hiccup (they are the system provider) as they are covering
21 to 75 year olds in the same policy.

We have split our policy up to:
25 to 75 and
21 to 24 year olds

So if you were 22 years old our’s would cost you around the same price as with Allianz

Crashing dollar

Do your research to avoid car rental shocks


Rental cars are costly. If the upfront hire fees aren’t enough, there are lots of other charges that can double the cost. That can be anything from increased insurance costs to reduce excesses, to hiring a child seat.

If you know how the system works, however, it’s possible to minimise costs.

If you’re booking a hire car, the first thing to do is to use comparison engines that list more than one rental car company……more>


Company Policy Now Available


Now your company can cover ALL the eligible aged drivers employed in your company.
Yes, that’s right, why pay the car rental company’s expensive corporate excess insurance rate when you can use Tripcover’s much cheaper car rental excess insurance.

Simply have the car rental agreement in your company’s name and away you go.
Reduce your corporate rate with the car rental company and save. Just let them know that
you do not need their CDW or Collision Damage Waiver to cover your company’s excess
anymore and each time you take a rental out get one of our policies for the employee.

Bullied Customer Feedback

I have booked a car when I will be in Brisbane in 10 days – taken out Insurance with your Company.  (SHER100082*****)
This afternoon I received a phone call from the company I placed the car booking with. He quizzed me about why I hadn’t taken out insurance, and then became VERY pushy. He warned me I would be up for hefty costs if there was any damage. I stated I already had Insurance to cover my trip – and then he started!
Told me that any other Insurance ‘wasn’t worth the paper it was written on’ and told me I would have nothing but problems if I actually had to make a claim. Told me that no other Insurance company offers 3rd party insurance for car hire. Went on and on about the perils of NOT taking out car insurance with them (the car hire company). I stupidly them said ‘I use the same insurance company that my business does’ – meaning that the business I work for, always uses your company. Straight away he jumped on this and said – ‘you have falsely stated this is a private hire’… and proceeded to tell me he would have to cancel the hire. He would barely let me explain! It took quite a few minutes to get through to him.
I felt he was intimidating, pushy and in some ways, aggressive. Just thought I would let you know.CF.

Hi CF I really appreciate this  or any other feedback.
I think we should name and shame companies like this as they are fighting back
(unfairly) to try regain their outrageous profits that they make from the insurance.Granted that he is right in a way, that it will be a bit of a hassle getting paperwork
etc if you need to make a claim but that is why you get it so much cheaper than
their waiver (they can’t call it insurance).

If I were you I would write him a very firm letter stating that you will not be using his services again.

Ultimately that is what capitalism is all about and it sounds like his service was unsatisfactory to you.

PS do you mind if I put you anonymous email on our blog along with my answer?

Thanks again for the feedback

Tripcover Team

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